Cardozo School of Law, New York, USA

Cardozo School of Law’s LL.M. degree provides you with in-depth knowledge, unparalleled experience, and the opportunity to specialize as you learn from top professionals in the legal field. New York City offers exposure to some of the best legal minds, in one of the largest and most dynamic legal markets in the world. Whether you are an American lawyer seeking to advance your career by developing a specialization or an international attorney dealing with U.S.-based clients looking to sit for the U.S. bar exam, you’ll be read to lead with a legal education from Cardozo. Our areas of study include:

General Studies LL.M.

Dispute Resolution and Advocacy LL.M.

Intellectual Property Law LL.M.

Intellectual Property Law LL.M. Online

Comparative Legal Thought LL.M.

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