Koc university Law School, Turkey

Koç University LLM Programs in Public and Private Law

Koç University in Istanbul, is the top-ranked research university in Turkey and one of the highest ranked young universities in Europe. We offer comprehensive and modular LLM programs in Public Law and Private Law taught with a focus on comparative and international studies of law.

We need critically-minded and transformative lawyers to shape the future of normativity against uncertainty and challenges on a global scale.

The program looks for legal practitioners, researchers and policy-makers at the domestic, regional and international level. Distinguish yourself with the unique curriculum, extra-curricular activities and renowed professors of Koç University.

In today’s world, where there is a growing need to adopt legal approaches to cope with local as well as global issues, resolving legal controversies require a multi-dimensional perspective based on a conception of different legal disciplines; hence, the lawyer profile who is able to add to the development of society, economy, politics and the legal profession has been changing. With this respect, Koç University targets to contribute to the molding of this new lawyer profile, with an understanding based on reliable academic research, as well as practicing experience. We also offer non-thesis programs as well as thesis programs. The program with thesis is composed of 3 core courses followed by 4 elective courses and is concluded with a thesis. The non-thesis program is composed of 10 courses and a final paper.

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